I’m talking about the racing game Professional Farmer 2014

Simulation | Economic | farm | Polish | machines and equipment

Developer: PlayWay

Publisher: UIG Entertainment

Game mode: single player

Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC

Game release date: 28 November 2013

Game language: English

User ratings: 5/10

Simulation games have always been a tough sell to mainstream gamers. Over the last years, 2 of them get managed to do reasonably so: Euro Truck Simulator 2 and Farming Simulator 2013. Both games felt polite also owned a great mod community. Professional Farmer 2014 tests to engage in to that success.

As in many games in the kind, there is no real history to be noticed. When beginning in career kind, people jump as a farmer. Yes, really! The first time is mainly a guide exactly where anyone won’t get to get much decisions regarding yourself. You get a small tour near the farm and shortly you’ll be work your original take. When act that, you’ll perceive a popup saying: visit the farm. That phase is anything you’ll quickly get used to because that’s exactly what you’ll be making all the time. After work you’ll get to cultivate. Then, you’ll get to put into the turf regarding your own neighbor. When it’s finally time to turn get anything, you’ll have to take entirely to the shop to get some seeds. Same goes for products. Possibly designed for a mortgage you’ll must make a trip. That whole mechanic of effort everywhere yourself gets annoying very quickly. And during the initial tutorial year of the carrier you don't have a choice, you have to follow the quest you get. And, the vision provide no lie or experience at all. Simply: do this, do that.. https://farmsimulator.eu/farming-simulator-15-official-expansion-2-download/

At first glance, Professional Farmer seems very great. The farm you start off here is actually nicely detailed and other environment looks very good and adjusts for the time you’re within. The farming equipment however lacks a little of fact compared to the rest. Certainly since those become what you’ll be glance on the most. The difficulties start when you allow the farm. The concrete roads look same critical and are without variation, the same everywhere. Another important question are the fields themselves. As you’re plowing for example, you don’t actually plow. What it does is barely develop a new texture layer over the take. That cares you could say? Well, if you extent the edge with the field to make a turn, you can actually check the divergence in layers over each other which looks ridiculous.

When you enter a tractor for the new, you get harassed by annoying music best from the bat. I don’t see the reason the builders would implement this like that but the first thing you’ll do, without a uncertainty, is go through the selection menu to service music off. Ambient sound is very basic. The robots themselves sound okay still. What revealed ahead, with competition song is bad and adds nothing whatsoever to the overall experience.

Driving a tractor is funny at first then that develops fun for a bit but it quickly walks in annoyance. It takes a minute to determine just how to help turn the items and just how that organization do just. Driving in can easily get boring though because a tractor could just chance that quickly. Too the AI of further drivers is terrible. When working on your return, you’ll notice the way the tractor is pulling to the side. Whether it is because of the challenge to mimic the drives focusing on the tractor while using equipment or perhaps a flaw, that makes this basically impossible to make straight runs and your area can appear bad. This gets better as you do it several times yet their just so annoying.

When you’ve completed the former year, you can do whatever you want. Which is nothing more than before although right now you can choose to progress through the seasons because you get right. You’ll as well get read to workers. You’ll have to get into the selection which seems and feels really critical. It’s the same menu you use to substitute among the vehicles/machines and to get an summary of the guide with the different areas (about 5) then all the areas. As ask for a worker to do anything on one regarding the fields, it is made quickly and also leaves you from the menu that results in you press through the exact same menus again to make something else done.

At this point people still find objectives however they are basic: plow 3 fields, harvest 3 fields and so on. The only distinction between career setting with released type exists that you don’t must undergo the article year. Also the available units from the game are limited. You can choice between a few tractors, some bigger harvesters with larger systems but nobody different from what you get at the start except for size. All this leads to the fact that you just don’t get everything to work with save money for. You can obtain more fields, pay off your debt and update the farm a bit but nobody major. Creatures are great I haven’t mentioned yet, primarily as there’s nothing much to say on them. Animals give you a profit every time you advance a year and that’s around every there is to them. The game offers mod support also present many mods out here although it is really edge compared to a video game like Farming Simulator 2013 (PC version).

A simulation game is a game and will be cool to engage in. Professional Farmer 2014 doesn’t feel fun at all. While the programmers have turned out certain improvement bringing realistic elements to the farming sim genre, they’ve totally lost the grade in all different characteristics. Mix to with the fact that there are games away present within the same style which provide far more (albeit mostly because of the mod the public) then you get a ready that I could not recommend.

System requirements Professional Farmer 2014

Recommended: Core i3 3.3 GHz 4 GB RAM graphic card 1 GB (GeForce GTX 460 or better) 4 GB HDD Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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